Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Professional Pet Care in Boca Raton, Parkland or Coral Springs.

With today’s demanding schedules and trying to balance work and family, our beloved pets are always there for you unconditionally.

You might ask, what kind of service does a professional pet care business provide?

I contacted Karly Burnett owner of We Work You Play a fully licensed and insured pet care business located in Coral Springs, Florida and asked her that very question.

“We provide Dog Walking for busy families, professional and seniors. We also provide Pet Sitting for people who go out of town and don’t want to take their pet to the kennels” said Karly.

“Our Dog Walking Service consists of 15 to 30 minute visits, during this time we will let your dog outside in the back yard and play with them or we go for a walk around the neighborhood on your usual walking path. Before we leave, we bring in the mail, give Fluffy fresh food and water and secure the house. Our Dog Walking is usually done during the week while the owners are working” added Karly.

“The Pet Sitting Service is basically the same as the Dog Walking Service except the pets as well as the house are cared after. Typically the owners go away on business or vacation and want their pets well taken care of while they are away. In addition to the walking the dog, feeding the fish and playing with the cat, we also take the garbage to the curb, alternate lights in the house for security, water plants, stocking the fridge, washing and ironing you clothes and light house cleaning. We want you to relax when you get back and not worry about grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning” Karly proudly said.

If you have a busy schedule or go are going out of town and want a professional to care after your pets and you live in the South Florida area, call Karly Burnett at (954) 937-1053 or visit her website at We Work You Play

Thursday, December 20, 2007


There is a moment in our lives when we have to say to ourselves "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" Success is about hard work and "perfection" but not about getting sick, in an accident, or worse- it's about micromanaging your time and setting priorities.

Let this years New Year Resolution be YOU. Let this year focus on you and what matters to you the most: a healthy lifestyle. This is not limited to the gym, diets and quitting bad habits; this is also about how we manage our stress with daily tasks.

Errand services can be your other set of hands- oh and these hands are customized to fitting your needs personally!

We do our research and we think ahead so you know your personal matters are left to professionals. While your busy learning the dance steps to your step class, we will run around town making sure your leisure time goes undisturbed because,


Errand Service - Dog Walking - Laundry Service - Grocery Shopping - Pet Sitting - Organizing

Friday, November 23, 2007

There aren’t enough hours in a day!

How many times have you thought “There aren’t enough hours in a day”? Do you increasingly find yourself spending your valuable vacation time on waiting for repairmen or running errands? Or do you find that you are spending your “free” time on the chores you simply have to get done and not nearly enough time on what you’d like to do? Then We Work You Play may be just what the doctor ordered.

I am so positive that once you’ve experienced the peace of mind that comes from all of your personal errands and tasks being taken care of, you will be wondering what you ever did without us. Talk to you soon.

Errand Service, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Grocery Shopping.

We Work You Play is here to make your life easier.

We want to be your “Go-To people” who will handle your errand running, dog walking, pet sitting, grocery shopping and gift shopping in a timely, effective, highly organized and tactful manner. Understanding the fact that our customers have a particular way of doing things and are reluctant of giving them to strangers (we sure love a challenge!); we pride ourselves on finding out your needs and carrying them out as specific and complete as possible. We believe in building strong and lasting relationship.

Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions.

I can be reached at (954) 937-1053 or Errand Service website.

Today’s demanding work schedules

With today’s demanding work schedules and commitments, more and more personal time is fading away. Consequently, people just like you are becoming more stressed, and weary of the increasing amount of their responsibilities. The last thing you want to do is tackle your never-ending To-Do list at home.

Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions.

I can be reached at (954) 937-1053 or by email at karly@weworkyouplay.net.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Errand Service

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boca Raton, Parkland and Coral Springs are you dreading the season to be jolly?

You said it last year, “next year I will make more time for my friends and family and the holidays won’t be as stressful as this year” and here you are again, back on the same track of making your life difficult. Waiting in line at the post office, hours of grocery shopping, vet visits, fighting crowds at the mall, among a hundred other things. Why not make it a holiday worth remembering for the quality time spent with your family as opposed to spending it running around picking up, dropping off, etc.,

No Job is too big or too small! Now is the time for you to spend more time on yourself and your family and time for us to assist you with your personal tasks. All this can be done at a reasonable price; personal assistants are not only for the rich but they are focused on making you successful at life.

We specialize in grocery shopping, dog walking, home watch, pet sitting, home and office organizing, service person waiting service, purchase & deliver office supplies, courier/delivery service, holiday/gift shopping and much more.

We are licensed, insured and are proud members of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, Business Associates of West Broward, International Concierge and Errand Association. We are currently serving clients in Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

For more information please call Karly Burnett (954) 937-1053 or visit www.weworkyouplay.net

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A professional Errand Service in West Palm Beach helps you enjoy life

I know how you feel, never enough time to get anything done, you work 60 hours a week and don’t have time to relax. It’s always go, go, go and never any sleep, sleep, sleep.

My husband and I started We Work You Play Errand Service during September of 2006 in Coral Springs, Florida. Since its inception, it has become the house hold name for errand services, grocery shopping and dog walking in Coral Springs, Parkland and Boca Raton.

Backed by years of experience in the service industry, very satisfied customers and a professional team, We Work You Play Errand Service is expanding its services to West Palm Beach, Florida.

I have listed a few of the errand services we are offering in West Palm Beach.

Grocery Shopping

Holiday/Gift Shopping

Pet Services

Purchase & Deliver Office Supplies

Personal Shopping

For the month of December we will be offering new clients 50% off their first two hours of service!

We have errand services for families, business owners, professionals, senior citizens, new parents, pet owners and those who just need a break from the daily grind.

For more information please call Karly Burnett (954) 937-1053 or visit www.weworkyouplay.net