Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Taste of the Good Life!

With many people working 70 plus hours a week, many find it hard to simply relax. This is where We Work You Play comes in. They provide errand running and concierge services for families, busy professionals, seniors, new mothers and pet owners.

Karly Burnett owner of We Work You Play has been in the service industry for 13 years. “Helping my neighbors to have an enjoyable life and giving them back the time to spend with their families is why I started We Work You Play” said Karly. “I get great satisfaction in giving our clients the opportunity to relax on the weekends and see how much happier they are after using our services”.

They offer four different services; Personal, Business, Pets and Senior. Their services range from; grocery shopping, dog walking, in-home laundry service, home office organizing, hurricane supply pick up and much more.

Recently they have begun to offer Bride-To-Be services. Having a professional handle the worries of the bride will greatly reduce her stress and allow her to enjoy that special day.

We Work You Play are fully licensed and insured and are members of the International Errand Running and Concierge Association and Business Associates of West Broward.

For additional information about We Work You Play please contact Karly Burnett.


Karly Burnett

We Work You Play

(954) 937-1053

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