Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Personal Concierge the latest craze in stress management for Coral Springs, Parkland and Boca Raton.

If you live in Coral Springs, Parkland or Boca Raton, Florida you will want to know the answer the following questions; what is a professional concierge? What kind of services do they provide and is it only for the wealthy?

What is a professional concierge?
A personal concierge is your chance to free up your personal time by hiring someone else to run errands for you. Not surprisingly, the personal concierge industry is growing rapidly. As many people are working 70+ hours a week and have demanding lifestyles, coping with the mundane things in life is getting harder.

What kind of services do they provide?
There are three basic areas that a Personal Concierge handles.

Personal services;
Grocery shopping, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, trips to the post office, gift shopping, in home laundry service and waiting for servicemen (cable, plumber, electrician and others).

Pet Services;
Dog walking, pet sitting when you are on vacation, picking up pet supplies, trips to the veterinarians and groomers.

Household Services;
Security checks, watering plants, light house cleaning, taking out the garbage, organizing, garage sales, collecting mail, getting estimates from contractors and taking your cars in for maintenance.

The services listed are just a small handful of ways a personal concierge can help you free up your time. Most personal concierge companies can take care of any task given to them either personally or through one of their vendors.

Is it only for the wealthy?
Most people when they hear the word Concierge think of a high end hotel service used exclusively by celebrities. Today’s Personal Concierge has become affordable to just about everyone.

The most common way to charge is by the hour. Prices vary across the country from $15/hour in small towns to $75/hour in big cities like Los Angles and New York. But, most Personal Concierge companies charge between $20 and $30 an hour.

Karly Burnett owns and operates We Work You Play in Coral Spring, Florida and if you are interested in hiring a Personal Concierge please visit for more information or call (954) 937-1053.

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