Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Five tips you can do to enjoy a clutter free life in Parkland and Coral Springs, Florida.

Have an extra minute to spare? Use it to reduce your clutter, rearrange your space or get a quick to-do done. Here are 5 organizing tasks you can do in two minutes.

1. Organize your clothes closet. Put all shirts together in one section of the closet, all pants in another, all dressy clothes in another and so on. This will save you time sorting through piles of clothes.

2. Sort your mail pile. Make 3 small piles out of your one big pile: To Toss (put directly in the trash), To Do, To File. Your mail will be much easier to handle when you have it properly sorted.

3. Clean out your junk drawer. Junk drawers can actually be useful. You will need to periodically sort through this drawer and trash unwanted items. When your junk drawer becomes so filled that you can’t find anything in it, it is time to clean it out.

4. Laundry areas are dropping grounds for not only dirty laundry but often the clean too. Does your laundry area contain that ever-growing basket of mismatched socks? Sort through the pile and if in doubt, toss it. Socks that have no match, have holes, or stretched out tops belong in the garbage.

5. Don’t forget fluffy! Create a pet station. Designate a hook, container or shelf to keep leashes, collars, treats and toys at hand. Though you probably can’t get fluffy to drop his toys in the right container, it will make it easier on you during clean up.

For more information about organizing your life, or to find a professional Home Organizer, please contact Karly Burnett owner of We Work You Play, located in Coral Springs, Florida.

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