Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Professional Pet Care in Boca Raton, Parkland or Coral Springs.

With today’s demanding schedules and trying to balance work and family, our beloved pets are always there for you unconditionally.

You might ask, what kind of service does a professional pet care business provide?

I contacted Karly Burnett owner of We Work You Play a fully licensed and insured pet care business located in Coral Springs, Florida and asked her that very question.

“We provide Dog Walking for busy families, professional and seniors. We also provide Pet Sitting for people who go out of town and don’t want to take their pet to the kennels” said Karly.

“Our Dog Walking Service consists of 15 to 30 minute visits, during this time we will let your dog outside in the back yard and play with them or we go for a walk around the neighborhood on your usual walking path. Before we leave, we bring in the mail, give Fluffy fresh food and water and secure the house. Our Dog Walking is usually done during the week while the owners are working” added Karly.

“The Pet Sitting Service is basically the same as the Dog Walking Service except the pets as well as the house are cared after. Typically the owners go away on business or vacation and want their pets well taken care of while they are away. In addition to the walking the dog, feeding the fish and playing with the cat, we also take the garbage to the curb, alternate lights in the house for security, water plants, stocking the fridge, washing and ironing you clothes and light house cleaning. We want you to relax when you get back and not worry about grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning” Karly proudly said.

If you have a busy schedule or go are going out of town and want a professional to care after your pets and you live in the South Florida area, call Karly Burnett at (954) 937-1053 or visit her website at We Work You Play

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